Using new technology plays key role in the success. At Bj farms, we have latest equipments for Field preparation, planting, harvesting and packing. Bj farms is proud to work with name brands for its farming needs.

New Holland Tractors

Grimme Potato Planters

Lemken Field Preparation implements

New Holland Combine Harvestor

Grimme Potato Harvestor

Maschio for Field Preparation

Research & Development

Doing trials and learning from trials is continues process. Each year we run number of trials from leading pesticide brands like Bayer, Tata etc in our fields. Results help us gain alot and we continue to improve the quality of crop every year.

Seed Science

We start from planting the potato tuber of various varities upto generation second, which help us in achieving the quality and producing best quality seeds.


Timely process are very necessary to get good result in Agriculture. Conclusion are made seeing weather conditions and crop growth. Our Agrnomists always plan ahead of the time to insure proper growth of the crop.