Glimpse of Field Day Potato

Mr. Bhavjit Singh Grewal
Mr. Grewal Addressing farmers on first Field day Potato India, held at BJ Farms.
Mr. Sachid Madan
Mr. Madan from Technico Agri Sciences Ltd giving his valuable guidance to farmers.
Dr. S.P Singh
Dr. Singh from Technico Agri Sciences Ltd, addressing farmers on field day Potato regarding Potato seed held at BJ farms
Mr. T R Kesavan, Sr. VP, TAFE
Mr. Kesavan addressing farmers about Tafe tractors on field day
Mr. Sanjeev Chopra
Mr. Chopra (Director Horticulture) attended field day Potato at BJ Farms
Mr. Inderdeep Singh Grewal
Mr. Grewal is elaborating the functioning of Grimme potato planter
Potato Planting
Farmers take sneak peak at potato planting
Bayer India
Bayer India, addressed farmer regarding the use of pesticides
Lemken Reversible Plough
Lemken Reversible Plough being demonstrated at BJ Farms
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