About Bj Farms

Bj farms is located at Sarabha Village about 25kms from Ludhiana, On Ludhiana Pakhowal Road. The story began with Interest in Agriculture by Late Mr. Iqbal Singh Grewal (Founder), after completing his Bachleors in English he opted to do farming as his hobby and prepared the base for Bj farms. Farm started taking the shape in late 80's with great efforts of Mr. Bhavjit Singh Grewal who completed his studies in Bachelor of Science but continued his father's dream of establishing a farm which stand as an ideal. The journey started with growing, packing and marketing vegetables on a small scale intially. In 90's, the farm started shifting towards Mint and Potato. Which in today's date are two Major crops supported by Paddy. In 2000, Bj Farms got major oppourtunity to work with Techinco Agri Sciences Ltd (formely known as Chambal Agritech Ltd) for Potato seed multiplication. Producing Quality crop is the foremost objective at Bj farms which is achieved using latest machinery. Grimme India is keen player for providing complete solutions for potato planting to harvesting and then grading. 
From Mint plantation, harvesting to Distillation of oil is done at Bj farms. We are using latest technology for distillation of oil and keen to keep the same pace for quality. The production gradully went on increasing from day 1 to till date. Every year Tonnes of oil is distilled at Sarabha Agro Distillation Unit which is sister unit at Bj Farms. 
At Bj farms, we provide the valuable guidance to the fellow farmers because we believe in Team work. We have strong team which is committed to quality. Trained manpower along with latest machinery is keyline for success and we strive to grow every single day.
Our Farm

Bj Farms has gained good reputation in past few years due to our hard work and valuable guidance by Mr. Bhavjit Singh Grewal. It was proud moment for Bj farms to be selected as venue for First Potato Field Day in India. The event was organised by DLG (German Agricultural Society) together with German Agribusiness Alliance was to show oppourtunities to raise efficiency in the production and processing through the application of modern technology and methods in practice. The event was supported by the federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


Planning and acting plays major role in success. At BJ farms, we always implent the things we have learnt from the past and try to move in the new experiences as well. We work closely with Technico Agri Sciences for the development of quality seed. 


As Quality is not Act, it is habit. We strive to achieve the best quality standards. Our Mission to provide top quality to every customer is our major objective. Latest crop care methods, machinery and packing techniques are adopted. Potatoes grown at Bj farms has earned top postions at events organised by horticulture department.

Environment & Sustainability

At Bj farms, We are committed to protect the environment. We only use pesticides which are safe for the environment. Material used for packing is 100% reusable and recyclable. Every year we plant trees to support the environment.